limo marketingToday it seems that there’s a new social network or website appearing every day. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp and others. Should you be using these websites in your limo marketing? If yes, what should your plan be?

Social media are just that: media. They are also relatively new. Just like with all new media, there are people saying that you absolutely have to use this very new medium and that this new medium will make all other media obsolete, whatever the medium is.

History gives us very few examples of this happening. TV did not kill radio. Internet did not make direct mail obsolete. To this day Google is advertising its AdWords platform via direct mail. Think about the irony of that.

Before jumping into anything, you want to develop a strategy. It is your customers that give you money and pay for your services. This is why when it comes to limo marketing you first want to identify who your best customers are. What do they have in common?

Next, figure out where you can reach them. Are they on social media? Great! Use social media to communicate with them.

The majority of limo companies get this element wrong. They have no strategy when it comes to social media or limo marketing on the internet. They post anything and everything on their social media pages, do so at random and then complain that “social media doesn’t work.”

Your use of social media has to serve two purposes: you want to get more clients and you want your current clients to use your limo service more often. The best way to reach both of these goals is to build a relationship with your clients.

The process of developing relationships as part of the sales process using social media is called social selling.

How do you engage in social selling? There are a few steps.

First, you can’t just sell-sell-sell. If you do so, your clients will decide that you only show up or talk to them when you want their money. This is why you want to figure out what your customers are interested in, what’s important to them, and occasionally provide them with value for free. You may find that your customers’ interests have nothing to do with your limo service or transportation and that’s okay. They don’t have to.

Second, you need to have a plan. Most limo companies don’t have a plan. Instead, they have random acts of marketing. Create a calendar. Decide on your sales and promotions beforehand. Next, mix your selling periods with periods when you will provide value and engage your customers without any immediate monetary agenda. That’s the way to succeed with social media and build successful long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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