consistent branding

As the owner of a limousine company, you understand the importance of effective advertising – a car that is sitting idle is a car that isn’t making any money. There is no possibility to make that money back tomorrow. Your company needs to reach out to prospective customers on a consistent basis and nurture existing clients to keep coming back to utilize your services to establish consistent branding.

Although advertising can be effective at getting your name out and helping to establish your brand, it has its limitations. The limousine industry is one where the services may not be needed every day, so extra work is required to keep your service top-of-mind. Since you don’t know the exact moment when a potential client will be thinking about renting a limousine, it is impossible to precisely target an advertisement that will catch their attention. In larger cities, an ongoing advertising budget can be prohibitively expensive.

Adding to all of this is the challenge of marketing to both B2B and B2C audiences as well as local market partners and affiliates. Each audience is likely to have its own unique information sources. What’s a marketer to do?

Social Media Marketing to the Rescue

Fortunately there is a highly-effective communications network that is available for your limousine marketing purposes – social media. Social media is the great equalizer in the marketing world in that small businesses have just as much opportunity to use it successfully as big corporations. All it takes is time and planning.

Today’s consumers are on the go, searching online for answers to all of their day-to-day needs. If they can’t find your service quickly or don’t understand your website, they will move on to the next opportunity. If you haven’t built a relationship and established your brand in their mind, they will have no reason to opt for your service over your competition.

But that doesn’t mean you should just go out and start posting updates all over the social media universe. Take the time to think about your brand and develop a plan for your limousine social media marketing (limousine SMM) before you jump in with both feet.

The Benefits of Branding

Your brand clearly demonstrates what your company is and how you relate to clients. Is your service business-oriented, consumer-driven, fast, economical, focused on proms and parties or airport transfers, or do you specialize in a service like meeting and event ground transportation? If so, your brand needs to be communicated clearly and effectively in all of your limo SMM.

Your brand can help strengthen recall when somebody is thinking about renting limousine services, it can set you apart from your competition, and it shows that you are a professional company. But it needs to be consistent across all social media outlets as well. Most consumers, both business and consumer, need to hear a message six times or more before it begins to make an impression. Motivating someone to take an action may require even more impressions. If they receive inconsistent messages in different forums, they can become confused and it will be even harder to gain their attention.

Develop a Game Plan for Your Limousine Social Marketing

First, think about your chauffeured services company and the brand you want to present to current and potential clients. Second, get your website in order to make sure it delivers on the promises you make when driving prospects to it. Make it clean, clear and concise. Only then can you start working on the specific elements for your limo social marketing strategy:

Blog: Consumers appreciate companies that are willing to provide information without always asking for something in return. A blog enables you to provide information to prospects and customers about the service you offer without being seen as an advertisement. It also keeps your website fresh and dynamic, which is something search engines look for as they are compiling their search rankings. You should aim to provide at least one blog post a week on topics relating to the benefits of limousines. Your blog can cover time and money savings, safety concerns, wedding planning or other topics related to your brand.

LinkedIn: A solid LinkedIn profile can help build your credibility, especially with business customers. Although it looks a little like a resume it is also an opportunity to present positive information about your limo service in an accepted form. Be sure to use keywords to help your LinkedIn profile appear in search engine results. You can list out your key branding benefits and ask clients to endorse your company in those areas. Write short commentaries on industry trends about once a month so your business will constantly be brought to the attention of those who are linked with you.

Google+: Similar to LinkedIn, you can also get involved with Google Groups that often include business leaders and decision-makers. Make sure you promote your brand expertise from your hovercard, that “pop up” which appears when someone’s cursor goes over your name. One big benefit of participating in Google Groups is that content you share with your Communities shows up very quickly in its search engine results. You can also join Communities so that you will be able to talk with prospects in your target market.

Facebook: Facebook is an extremely effective way to communicate, especially with the B2C market, but you do need to be communicating on this network consistently with some type of message. You can use Facebook posts to educate, motivate, entertain or build your brand. You need to be on there at least once a day but don’t think you will just remember to sit down and come up with something worthwhile every day. Work up at least 50 to 60 Facebook posts in advance so this crucial communication form doesn’t get lost in your day-to-day activities.

Twitter: Twitter helps your limo marketing plan by providing those brief “snipets” that remind prospects and customers about your limousine service. One or two Tweets a day that offer brief snippets or insights into your service will make sure prospects remember your company when they need to rent a limousine.

YouTube: This one can be harder to execute because it involves producing a video, but a picture is definitely worth a thousand words. Build a YouTube page with videos of clients enjoying your limousine services for a wine country tour, a wedding or prom, or a special occasion. A simple video for business clientele can demonstrate how your service frees up time and energy, and helps a multi-tasking businessperson stay on track.

Other social media outlets can be helpful as you expand your limousine marketing plan. Try to build a presence on Yelp and ask all of your customers to post a review on there for you. Build a Pinterest or Instagram page that has pictures of all your vehicles in action. Be sure to include links to all of your social media sites on your website pages. Also make sure you utilize your social media to provide links to your blog posts or other news items on your site.

It can be confusing to try to implement all of these opportunities as you are going about your daily business. It helps to develop an editorial calendar in advance so you won’t have to think about what you want to say. The calendar can remind you of the various seasons and spark ideas for your blog or Tweet. Outline a general direction for the year that fits in with your brand, and then add ideas as inspiration strikes.

Never just assume that your limo SMM program is working. You will need to constantly measure it and track your success. Review what is working and make tweaks as you go along. Building a successful limousine service is a combination of hard work and successful marketing. Know what you want your brand to portray, consistently build your brand in a dynamic social media marketing program, and you can reap the rewards of a job well done.

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