limo marketingAs limousine business owners may already know, a call-to-action (CTA) is a button or snippet of text that tells someone what you want them to do. For your limo marketing to really make an impact and help with driving results and getting that phone to ring, you need to create CTAs that are strategic and creative. Here’s how.

Convey value and urgency: Make sure your CTA lets people know what’s in it for them. Instead of “Click here to book one of our limos,” try something like “Take the ride of your life” using a link or button that makes it obvious people need to click on it.

Add urgency to the CTA by tailoring it to the season, an event or adding words like “now” or “today.” You can clearly see which CTA is more alluring:

  • Click here to book one of our limos.
  • Take the ride of your life today!

Make it personal: Targeting the exact needs of consumers likely to be reading the CTA is an important limo marketing strategy. If someone is visiting your airport rate page, for example, you may know they’re nearly ready to book a ride. Since your ideal customer may be the busy executive, you can speak to the fact that they’re likely in a hurry to book reliable transportation to the airport.

  • Head to the airport in minutes.

Make it a question: Transforming a CTA into a question also draws attention. Combining the last two tactics could give you a CTA that is something like:

  • Ready to head to the airport?
  • What airport gate should our limo take you to?

Use testimonials: A short yet compelling testimonial from a satisfied customer is another effective tactic. Perhaps you can feature a headshot of one of your happy campers with a note of praise. Maybe your rapid and relaxing airport transportation got them to a last-minute flight, making it possible for them to seal an important business deal.

You can present testimonials in a text box that doubles as a linked button, making it clear people should click if they want the same kind of top-notch airport service. You could even include a phrase such as “Now it’s your turn” at the end of the testimonial.

One more tip is to experiment. Fine tune and play around with CTAs, combining different elements and tactics until you land on those that work best for you.

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