limo marketingIf you own a business but find that top-line revenue outshines profit, price could be the culprit. Although you want to stay competitive in offering clients a reasonable rate for services rendered, if the subject of price is not handled appropriately, the business will struggle.

Any perceptions about price will come from you, not the client. Therefore, if you make price a priority over service, others will too. You can get clients to appreciate the value of your prices by implementing the following limo marketing principles. Not only will your services improve but you will soon see an increase in company profit.

Shifting Focus. Rather than focus on price, start the selling process without mentioning the cost of your services. Making a simple comment about your company being able to save the client money is all it takes to immediately place focus and importance on price. Without intending to, you just made it clear that price is what matters most to you. Instead, focus on the quality of service that you provide, special vehicles added to the fleet, new amenities, and so on. Remember, for many people who hire limousine companies, value is based on the caliber of service opposed to price.

Knowing your Value. When customers only care about price, another tip is to recognize that you are not a commodity but a genuine business that offers value. Just because you have one of several limo companies in the city does not mean the type and level of service offered is the same as the competition. In this type of situation, maintain focus on the things that make you stand out.

For example, let a potential client know that your limo drivers have years of stellar experience, your company offers an impressive fleet, and that perhaps you have more unique routes. When talking about special attributes, keep in mind that this is not only about services but also the experience that you and your drivers possess.

Solving a Problem. As part of selling services to a new client, you need to gain information about the specific problem needing to be solved. With that, you have the opportunity to show the client why and how your limousine company is the right solution. To get to the root of the problem, you will need to ask some specific questions.

For instance, if the discussion is about an upcoming executive meeting in another city, ask about the level of executives who will be traveling, the number of people going on the trip, whether any of them have high demands, and so on. Based on the information gathered, you can then present your services in a way that solves the client’s problem. Later on in the conversation, price can be discussed.

Getting Positive Results. By implementing the three principals mentioned, you will find that growing the company’s bottom line is easier. When price is not brought up right out of the gate, your value is recognized by the client and you. Once the client’s problem has been identified but without price being mentioned, you have an opportunity to find a solution and make it the primary focus. At that point, the client is more interested in the services that you offer than price.

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