limo marketingOne of the biggest questions we always get, no matter what show we are attending, or what seminar we’re speaking on, is what do I know what to post on my social media page?

It’s important to make sure you provide different types of content to keep people interested. It’ll also help you to test what works best for your particular market in limo marketing.

And remember, you don’t need to post the same kind of things on all of your social networks. For example, you might use Pinterest to showcase some of your favorite products in your niche, and you might use Facebook and Twitter to share how-to tips related to that niche.

7 Post Ideas for Your Social Media Updates

These 7 post ideas should make it easy to come up with content to schedule on all your accounts. Just remember this one rule: it should always be relevant to your niche and your target market. People follow you on social media for a specific reason, so keep things relevant!

1) Images

Some networks are based on images, but they’re still hugely popular on text-based networks like Facebook and Google+. There’s a reason why images make up the most shared posts around the web. It’s because they’re so easy to look at and quickly like or share.

What kind of images should you post? Not necessarily images of your day-to-day life (although these are good from time to time to humanize your brand). Think inspirational quotes put into images, funny cartoons, anything that would appeal to your brand!

2) Shared Links

You never want your social media feeds to be full of links to your own websites and products, but it’s perfectly fine to share useful content from other people. In fact, your fans and followers will welcome the fact that you point them in the direction of good quality content in your niche!

3) Quick Tips

Put together some short “quick tip” posts related to your niche. For example, if you review high quality kitchen equipment on your blog, put together tips for getting bargains, cooking with that equipment, or cleaning it quickly.

4) Fast Facts

Just found out some cool information relating to your niche? Post it as a fast fact on your social media feed and people will love learning from you in bite-sized chunks.

5) Questions

Believe it or not, you’ll actually get more comments and shares if you actually ask people a question. Yes or no questions work very well, as do those where you supply your followers with specific options to choose from. Open-ended questions tend to get less response, because they require more thinking time.

6) Links to Your Email Newsletters

Many email marketing service providers will give you the option to automatically share a link to your latest newsletter on social media–Constant Contact and MailChimp do. Doing this can put your newsletter in front of a bigger audience, and some people may even choose to sign up to your mailing list after seeing this. This is a great way to make the most of your followers and ultimately direct them to your own website and products.

Links to Your Own Site and Products

Don’t overdo it, but do be sure to direct people back to your own website from time to time. If you have a sale going on, make sure your followers feel special by making sure they’re the first to know about any discounts. You can schedule these posts to go out in advance, but do make sure you’re around to check in on customer questions and complaints if you’ve launched a new product or sale.

How Long Should Your Posts Be?

Studies have shown that shorter posts get the most likes and comments. Think posts around the same size as a tweet – 100 characters average. It’s because they’re quick and easy to read before people move on to look at the rest of their news feed.

That doesn’t mean all your posts should be short, however. Depending on your market, you might get a good response from posting longer posts. Some people even essentially write blog posts on sites like Google+ and Facebook (of course, this doesn’t work for Twitter!)

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