limo marketingWhile thousands of pieces of junk mail may be thrown out every day, your limo marketing sales letter doesn’t have to be one of them. You can craft a strong and compelling limo marketing sales letter that helps with driving results and nabbing new business. Tips from marketing expert Robert Middleton outline components he uses in every sales letter he sends.


You headline needs to immediately grab your prospect’s attention and give him or her something to which they can relate. An effective way to do this is to identify the prospect as well as their problem.

Let’s say your ideal prospect is the executive business traveler and his problem is getting to the airport on time, even at a moment’s notice. An effective headline might be something like:

  • On-Time Airport Rides for Last-Minute Business Travelers

Problem Details

Your letter’s introduction is the place to serve up more details about the specific problem your prospect consistently faces. You already gave a hint of the problem by noting your limousine business provides rides that are on time. Here’s your chance to expand. The first part of your letter may read something like:

  • Things move swiftly in your world, and you need reliable transportation that moves just as rapidly to get you where you need to be. Last-minute meetings often mean last-minute flights, with barely enough time to pack your briefcase, never mind getting to the airport on time. As a top-level executive, you certainly have enough on your mind without having to fret about making it to the boarding gate.

Solutions and Outcomes

Once you have your prospect intrigued by outlining the exact problem he faces on a regular basis, it’s time to offer the solution your limousine business can provide. This section of your letter could read something like:

  • Rely on John’s Limo Service and you won’t have to fret about making your flight, or much of anything else for that matter. Our fleet of comfortable, reliable vehicles are on-call 24/7 for rides to the airport or anywhere else you need to go.

What Makes You Stand Out

By now your prospect may be thinking how awesome it would be to not have to worry about last-minute rides to the airport. But he may also be wondering why he should choose your limo business over all the other airport services out there. So you tell him, with something like:

  • John’s Limo Service stands out from the crowd by ensuring you’re never treated as just another face in the crowd. Our rides are not only comfortable and reliable, but our service is specifically customized for the busy traveler. Enjoy unique perks that include massage seats, a fully stocked minibar and snack and coffee options. Our rides truly give you a break from the frenzied world of business while making sure you don’t miss a beat.

Call to Action

Now that your prospect is definitely thinking about trying your services, give them a firm invitation to do so. Your call to action outlines exactly what you want your prospect to do at this point in time, which could be:

  • Contact you to learn more about your limo business and services
  • Check out your website for special deals for the executive traveler
  • Join your email list to get exclusive offers
  • Set up a corporate account for worry-free travel any time, all the time
  • Give you call today

Make sure to include your website, email address, phone number or any other information the prospect needs to follow up on your call to action. Then let them sit back and enjoy the ride.

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