social networkingSocial networking is of course a wonderful medium to stay in touch with friends and promote your business. However, no matter how you us it and for what purpose, you must always use your common sense and avoid committing any mistakes. Social networking sites have their own disadvantages, and the best way to avoid them is to be careful. Here are some of the common forms of social networking mistakes generally committed by people:

Avoid forcing your business to other people. It is considered as spamming if you try to overly promote your business. It’s just like going to a party and handing out your business card even before you are introduced. When you don’t do this in real life, then it is important that you avoid it also in the social networking sites. So, avoid cluttering other people’s profile and blogs with messages that say about the amazing opportunity that your business provides. Be subtle and first introduce yourself.

Overextending yourself in groups. Some people join too many groups and forums, and at the end have time for none. Join just those which are related to your interests and try to actively participate in them. Try to be conversant, if you visit some community or gain some knowledge from some post, be polite enough to say thanks.

Your profile page is the most important part, so don’t underestimate it. It is where most people will go to find more information about it. This is the pale where you should be genuinely talking about your business, and may be eve provide a link to it. If you go around adding value to forums, this is most likely that people will be interested to visit your profile, so it should look impressive.

Avoid negative conversations. Another very common mistake that you should avoid at all costs is participating in heated conversations and debates online. Just steer out of all this and be a part of healthy conversations. These netiquettes would help you go a long way indeed.