limo email marketingContrary to what some people believe, email marketing is alive and well. In fact, among all the different methods used to reach an intended audience in an effort to bolster sales, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective. With this strategy, you have the ability to send promotions, news, announcements, and deals to current and potential clients.

While it might sound easy, in reality there is a definite skill in sending out great emails. Unfortunately, using ineffective techniques is an all too common occurrence. With poor email marketing strategies, you will never get the results wanted but even worse, risk to your brand. By learning the five most critical mistakes specific to email marketing, you can easily avoid them.

Top Things to Avoid With Your Limo Email Marketing

  1. Improper Targeting – One of the primary goals with email marketing is to get messages out to a very specific audience. Sending emails to everyone is extremely inefficient. Although there is a little more work involved in addressing emails to the appropriate group of people, it will pay off in the end. To ensure messages are sent to the right people, you want to segment customers according to the type of offer, email context, and target demographic.
  2. Non-Responsive Design – Your emails must have a responsive design. Today, roughly 50% of all emails are opened with a mobile device so if content is not optimized correctly, a huge opportunity is lost. Unless your emails have a response design, recipients will need to either scroll from one side to the other or zoom in to read the message. 
  1. All that Glitters – The old saying, “if something seems too good to be true it probably is”, applies to email marketing. If you find a mailing list for an unbelievable price, walk away. In this case, you definitely get what you pay for.
  1. Outdated Email Address Lists – People change their emails all the time, so if you continue to use the same list month after month the marketing campaign will fail. Even when existing and potential customers provide an email address online or in person, there is no guarantee those addresses are valid. If a significant number of outdated emails end up on your list, service providers will see this as a caution flag. To prevent your emails from going directly into the spam folder be sure your email list is current.

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