Uh-oh. Your social media nightmare has finally come true: You’ve gotten a negative review on your Facebook page.  When you’re involved in Facebook marketing, you’re bound to have a disgruntled customer voice their opinion every once in awhile. It doesn’t feel fair, and it will ruin an otherwise good day.

But, it doesn’t have to be fatal. While it might impact your average rating score, this too shall pass. But you’ve got to have a Facebook marketing strategy to deal with a negative review. And that’s where we come in.

Transportation companies that do limo marketing are often subject to passionate reviews – people will either love you, and tell the world about it, or hate you – and tell the world about it. When you get a review that’s a fair criticism – maybe one of your drivers was having a bad day, or one of your fleet isn’t up to snuff – it’s always good policy to tackle it head on.

First, you’ll want to address the issue in a real way. If the problem is something you can fix, take the actual actions to fix it. When you’re using Facebook for your company’s limo marketing, you’ll want to take the opportunity to let your reviewer and your public know that you’ve fixed it. If, for example, one of the cars in your fleet had an issue with its interior, you should post (and maybe post pictures!) when the fix has been completed.

It’s not the best idea to delete a negative Facebook review. If it’s not constructive or has crass language (or just doesn’t make sense), there’s a case to delete. But, typically, it’s better to let the review stay on your page and address it directly. This provides an opportunity to message your brand, and to showcase how committed you are to customer service.

If you don’t check your Facebook page enough to read any possible reviews you might get, or if you’re choosing your limo marketing strategy to focus on a different route, you can disable your Facebook reviews. It’s not recommended, however, some businesses attract irrelevant, “trolling” reviews. These types of reviews could demonstrably hurt your business and its reputation, which you have understandably worked so hard to bolster! Your Facebook page should be representative of what you want the world to see about your business. It doesn’t mean you always have to have perfect services, but it should be a generally positive place.

If you’re concerned about a negative review, think of it as an avenue to showcase to your public that your business listens to and cares for its customers. Limo marketing can be difficult due to competition and hyperlocality. Give yourself every chance to shine! (And, if it’s not serving you – disable Facebook reviews.)

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