Solutions Marketing helps our clients to connect with customers where they’re most comfortable – online, mobile, and the more traditional offline channels, including print, event marketing and offline advertising.

Simply being on the social media channels is not enough in today’s digital on-demand world. Knowing how to interact with your potential and existing customers is the secret to succeeding in maximizing your social media strategy.

Small service businesses, such as chauffeured service and limousine companies are constantly being challenged to create new and better customer experiences, and connect with prospects in ways that were never possible before the age of the digital revolution. In the age of millennials, the old way of marketing your business is no longer the best way. Customer experience expectations is continually evolving in the wake of developing technologies. With over 25 years of experience, 8 years of limousine services marketing, based on real and effective strategies which are constantly evolving, Solutions Marketing offers new technologies and marketing techniques which are integrated to reach prospects and customers through multiple channels, for increased marketing ROI.

 Simply put,

we are the best at what we do, which is help limousine transportation businesses prioritize and streamline their online presence to maximize their return on influence (what makes people choose your business over other competitors).

Author, Speaker and Marketing Strategist, Jennifer has over 25 years of both traditional and online marketing in both the corporate and entrepreneurial venues.

She began her career in marketing and sales working in several key industries including book publishing, real estate and in the financial industry. She then began focusing primarily on entrepreneurial/small business marketing, in which she has helped many small businesses reap the rewards of marketing done right. For the last 8 years, she has specialized in the ground transportation industry, helping limousine company owners and associations to grow their business. Jennifer has a degree in Journalism with a minor in Marketing and continues to complete certification courses in Social Media. Her grass roots, customer-focused, integrative approach marketing continues to deliver increased ROI for clients in the challenging landscape of a digital world.