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About Jennifer Wong

Author, Speaker and Marketing Strategist, Jennifer has over 25 years of both traditional and online marketing in both the corporate and entrepreneurial venues.She began her career in marketing and sales working in several key industries including book publishing, real estate and in the financial industry. She then began focusing primarily on entrepreneurial/small business marketing, in which she has helped many small businesses reap the rewards of marketing done right. For the last almost decade, she has specialized in the ground transportation industry, helping limousine company owners and associations to grow their business. Jennifer has a degree in Journalism with a minor in Marketing and continues to complete certification courses in Social Media. Her grass roots, customer-focused, integrative approach marketing continues to deliver increased ROI for clients in the challenging landscape of a digital world.

What Should I Do with Negative Reviews on My Facebook Page?

Uh-oh. Your social media nightmare has finally come true: You’ve gotten a negative review on your Facebook page.  When you’re involved in Facebook marketing, you’re bound to have a disgruntled customer voice their opinion every once in awhile. It doesn’t feel fair, and it will ruin an otherwise good day. But, it doesn’t have to [...]

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How Do You Know If Your Limousine Company’s Website Needs to Be Redesigned?

If you’re worried that your limousine company’s website is outdated or not as effective as it should be, it probably is. Technology is rapidly advancing and older companies are being left in the dust. With modern technology, ground transportation competition is fierce. Rideshare companies are dominating the market and killing the taxicab industry. They’re coming [...]

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Major Limo Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Before You Hit Send

  Contrary to what some people believe, email marketing is alive and well. In fact, among all the different methods used to reach an intended audience in an effort to bolster sales, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective. With this strategy, you have the ability to send promotions, news, announcements, and deals to [...]

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What To Do When Someone Is Talking Dirty About You

Ever hear the adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything?” In today’s day and age of social media connectivity, don’t you wish sometimes that people would abide by this?  What if it’s your competitor talking badly about you?  Or worse yet, a customer?  How do you handle your responses with [...]

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Avoid These Common Mistakes With Social Networking

  Social networking is of course a wonderful medium to stay in touch with friends and promote your business. However, no matter how you us it and for what purpose, you must always use your common sense and avoid committing any mistakes. Social networking sites have their own disadvantages, and the best way to avoid [...]

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Writing the Perfect Limo Marketing Sales Letter

  While thousands of pieces of junk mail may be thrown out every day, your limo marketing sales letter doesn’t have to be one of them. You can craft a strong and compelling limo marketing sales letter that helps with driving results and nabbing new business. Tips from marketing expert Robert Middleton outline components he [...]

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Limo Marketing Tips: What Should I Post on Social Media for Maximum Engagement?

One of the biggest questions we always get, no matter what show we are attending, or what seminar we're speaking on, is what do I know what to post on my social media page? It’s important to make sure you provide different types of content to keep people interested. It’ll also help you to test [...]

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Talk is Cheap –Unless You’re Outsourcing It.

As a marketer, with over 25 years of experience, one of my biggest pet peeves are companies who pump out so much content that it makes your head spin. It makes you wonder if they even read their own content.  Do they follow their own advice?  So it got me thinking about best practices for [...]

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Limo Marketing Tips: What to do When Customers Only Care about Price

  If you own a business but find that top-line revenue outshines profit, price could be the culprit. Although you want to stay competitive in offering clients a reasonable rate for services rendered, if the subject of price is not handled appropriately, the business will struggle. Any perceptions about price will come from you, not [...]

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Limo Marketing Tips: How to Create Awesome Calls-to-Action for Your Limo Business

As limousine business owners may already know, a call-to-action (CTA) is a button or snippet of text that tells someone what you want them to do. For your limo marketing to really make an impact and help with driving results and getting that phone to ring, you need to create CTAs that are strategic and [...]

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