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About Jennifer Wong

Author, Speaker and Marketing Strategist, Jennifer has over 25 years of both traditional and online marketing in both the corporate and entrepreneurial venues.She began her career in marketing and sales working in several key industries including book publishing, real estate and in the financial industry. She then began focusing primarily on entrepreneurial/small business marketing, in which she has helped many small businesses reap the rewards of marketing done right. For the last almost decade, she has specialized in the ground transportation industry, helping limousine company owners and associations to grow their business. Jennifer has a degree in Journalism with a minor in Marketing and continues to complete certification courses in Social Media. Her grass roots, customer-focused, integrative approach marketing continues to deliver increased ROI for clients in the challenging landscape of a digital world.

Digital Marketing: What Kind of Content Tends to Go Viral?

In digital marketing, if you're trying to get your content to "spark" and go viral, it really helps to have a strong understanding of what kind of content tends to go viral. Of course, nobody can predict what will go viral, nor can they make something go viral 100% of the time. But by understanding what [...]

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5 Essential Customer Retention Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

Although with good intentions, many limousine companies focus on gaining new clients as opposed to retaining them. According to experts, getting new clients is actually far easier than keeping them, which, in some instances, leads to failure. 1. Never Underestimate the Value of Retention — The one thing that limo entrepreneurs should never do is underestimate [...]

Is Your Marketing Hitting the Target?

How to Make Facebook and Email Marketing Work Together There are always people saying that old rules don’t apply whenever a new advertising medium comes into existence. These people usually also say that because of this new medium all other media will soon become extinct. This is what was happening with newspapers when the radio [...]

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The Importance Of Consistent Branding Across Social Media

As the owner of a limousine company, you understand the importance of effective advertising - a car that is sitting idle is a car that isn’t making any money. There is no possibility to make that money back tomorrow. Your company needs to reach out to prospective customers on a consistent basis and nurture existing [...]

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Limo Marketing: What’s the Difference Between Social Media and Social Selling

Today it seems that there’s a new social network or website appearing every day. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp and others. Should you be using these websites in your limo marketing? If yes, what should your plan be? Social media are just that: media. They are also relatively new. Just like with all new media, there [...]

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How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Trade Show Attendance!

Your feet are aching and your head is spinning. And your brain? It’s fried from all the interesting things you saw, heard and said over the past few days at the trade show you just attended.  With all the head spinning and exhaustion, you may be tempted to collapse in a deep sleep for a [...]

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Social Media 101: 4 Quick Tips to Get More Likes, Follows or Subscribes for Your Email Newsletters

Getting more likes, follows or subscribes at the end of the day means you'll get more traffic to your website and more reservations. It also increases your more long-term reach to launch viral campaigns from and promote new services. So how do you get more likes, follows or subscribes? Make It Prominent on Your Website [...]

Limo PR Tips: Getting PR Attention is Easier Than You Think

Most companies who market their services online tend to ignore traditional press. They'll get exposure on social networking sites, social bookmarking sites and try to get their content written up about by other people's blogs. But by and large, they don't contact the offline world. Yet getting exposure in the offline world isn't any more [...]

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