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Major Limo Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Before You Hit Send

  Contrary to what some people believe, email marketing is alive and well. In fact, among all the different methods used to reach an intended audience in an effort to bolster sales, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective. With this strategy, you have the ability to send promotions, news, announcements, and deals to [...]

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Is Your Marketing Hitting the Target?

How to Make Facebook and Email Marketing Work Together There are always people saying that old rules don’t apply whenever a new advertising medium comes into existence. These people usually also say that because of this new medium all other media will soon become extinct. This is what was happening with newspapers when the radio [...]

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Social Media 101: 4 Quick Tips to Get More Likes, Follows or Subscribes for Your Email Newsletters

Getting more likes, follows or subscribes at the end of the day means you'll get more traffic to your website and more reservations. It also increases your more long-term reach to launch viral campaigns from and promote new services. So how do you get more likes, follows or subscribes? Make It Prominent on Your Website [...]