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Avoid These Common Mistakes With Social Networking

  Social networking is of course a wonderful medium to stay in touch with friends and promote your business. However, no matter how you us it and for what purpose, you must always use your common sense and avoid committing any mistakes. Social networking sites have their own disadvantages, and the best way to avoid [...]

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Writing the Perfect Limo Marketing Sales Letter

  While thousands of pieces of junk mail may be thrown out every day, your limo marketing sales letter doesn’t have to be one of them. You can craft a strong and compelling limo marketing sales letter that helps with driving results and nabbing new business. Tips from marketing expert Robert Middleton outline components he [...]

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How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Trade Show Attendance!

Your feet are aching and your head is spinning. And your brain? It’s fried from all the interesting things you saw, heard and said over the past few days at the trade show you just attended.  With all the head spinning and exhaustion, you may be tempted to collapse in a deep sleep for a [...]

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