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What Should I Do with Negative Reviews on My Facebook Page?

Uh-oh. Your social media nightmare has finally come true: You’ve gotten a negative review on your Facebook page.  When you’re involved in Facebook marketing, you’re bound to have a disgruntled customer voice their opinion every once in awhile. It doesn’t feel fair, and it will ruin an otherwise good day. But, it doesn’t have to [...]

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How Do You Know If Your Limousine Company’s Website Needs to Be Redesigned?

If you’re worried that your limousine company’s website is outdated or not as effective as it should be, it probably is. Technology is rapidly advancing and older companies are being left in the dust. With modern technology, ground transportation competition is fierce. Rideshare companies are dominating the market and killing the taxicab industry. They’re coming [...]

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Limo Marketing Tips: What Should I Post on Social Media for Maximum Engagement?

One of the biggest questions we always get, no matter what show we are attending, or what seminar we're speaking on, is what do I know what to post on my social media page? It’s important to make sure you provide different types of content to keep people interested. It’ll also help you to test [...]

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5 Essential Customer Retention Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

Although with good intentions, many limousine companies focus on gaining new clients as opposed to retaining them. According to experts, getting new clients is actually far easier than keeping them, which, in some instances, leads to failure. 1. Never Underestimate the Value of Retention — The one thing that limo entrepreneurs should never do is underestimate [...]