Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing

If you have been hard-pressed to get the quality and amount of leads that your business plan currently calls for, it is time to step up your marketing efforts with a well-crafted email marketing newsletter program.

Rather than trying to keep up with making newsletters by yourself according to a fixed schedule, you should entrust this task to marketing professionals who have experience in the limousine industry.

You can rest assured that our marketing team will get your approval on all material before its distribution. For quality control, we always assign multiple staffers to proofread the content.

The expert email marketing team at Solutions Marketing will:

  • Help you develop an unending supply of leads and new sales thanks to email lists that you retain control over.
  • Generate ideas and topics for the newsletter.
  • Expertly craft eye-catching emails to attract the attention of well qualified customers and get them to read your newsletter.
  • Save you an enormous amount of time by developing the newsletter content for you.
  • Create newsletters that provide useful information while also serving as a targeted marketing sales tool.

With our Email Newsletter Program you will…

  • Build up your reputation by establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry with relevant and timely content.
  • Find that ongoing use of newsletters will ensure that your company remains top of mind among your current customers.
  • Discover that email newsletters pay for themselves, often during the very first campaign.
  • Achieve coveted viral marketing when when your contacts forward your newsletters to their colleagues.

Our email marketing and branding team has over 25 years of experience in helping limousine companies, real estate brokers and many other small business owners improve their online marketing campaigns using websites, blog posts and the most popular social media channels.

We take the time to learn all about your company and develop compelling and useful articles for your newsletter that will drive in fresh leads on a regular basis, as well as encourage more repeat business.

When we finish each campaign, our team will analyze the statistics to determine such key metrics as the number of emails that get opened and by whom, how many people click on your links and the percentage of those who unsubscribe. We will also keep you updated on how your email list grows during these campaigns.

For more information on crafting the perfect email newsletter program for your company or to set up an appointment, please contact the experts at Solutions Marketing today.