Press Release Services / Public Relations

A press release is an often overlooked tool to improve organic search ranking.

Small  businesses especially benefit from being visible in searches in their area and online, and a press release is an effective way to help generate the external links and outside authority that improve search rankings and help funnel valuable leads your website.

Ideally, a press release, it is distributed, and picked up by reporters, bloggers and other influencers, who then make it newsworthy by writing about it. The original release and any subsequent stories written about it remain online in news archives. Although the original release creates short-term traffic to your website, the long term effect builds equity in the form of authoritative outside links that generate search engine visibility.

Press releases can be written to announce a new company, product or service, or name change, connect the company to a local event, upcoming holiday, or piece of current news.  Topics should be relevant and interesting to a potential audience.

Solutions Marketing offers specialized a la carte and more frequent press release services and public relations to small businesses in the limousine industry and other industries.  Not sure where to start?  Start by clicking below and we’ll start the conversation.