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One of the most important things to understand about search engine optimization or SEO is how search engines work. It is because of how they work that you will need to implement some SEO rules into your website to get the desired results you are looking for. Search engines use a list of critical operations that allow them to determine how information is found in their system. Once you understand how search engines work, it is easier to know how to ensure your website fits within their methods.

Most of the traffic, or visitors, to a website will come from the search engines Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AskJeeves, though there are many others. Each of these search engines has specific features it looks for in websites to determine how valuable they are to the person searching for content, information or resources. Your job, as the website owner or developer, is to design a website that proves to these search engines that the site is valuable. By doing this, you increase the number of people coming to the site and increase your business’s success online.

SEO Basics

The best search engine optimization techniques are the ones which work for you. Some sites will benefit more from certain strategies compared to other sites. It depends on your niche, your target audience and the quality and perceived authority of your site by users and search engines.

There are however several best search engine optimization standards by which all sites can benefit. They are the very basics that really should be addressed in the initial planning stages of your website. They include link development, keyword rich content and your site architecture.

Keyword Rich Content

Your content IS your website. That is the reason people are coming to your site; to view your content. Your content needs to naturally contain your targeted keywords so that the search engines know what your site is about.

Link Development

You need to provide a link building strategy from day one. This includes asking other related sites for links, submitting articles to directories that others can use on their site, getting backlinks from social sites and of course just having people link to you because you have great content.

Site Architecture

The way your site is laid out can have an important bearing on your rankings. Have a common sense navigation that is easy to follow and importantly a sitemap that lists every single page on your site. This gives the search engine spiders a clear path through your site.

These are the basic best search engine optimization building blocks that every website should pay attention to.  Solutions Marketing’s SEO experts have a proven track record for SEO services of establishing and maintaining top rankings for our clients.  If you’d like a free SEO audit of your site, click below.  To get started with our SEO management, call us today or email us here.